JEFAR was established in 1977
    as the natural progression from a long family tradition in footwear manufacturing.

    With three production units in Portugal with 500 employees, JEFAR works hard to create strong partnerships with its customers and partners.

    The constant challenges posed by our customers continues to add to our already vast knowledge.



    years of experience




    pairs of footwear per day

    With the most advanced technology and the ability to manufacture a large variety of footwear constructions we are able to offer an appropriate response to any request from our customers on five continents. 

    This explains the long-lasting partnerships we have been proud to build.

    We hope to have a chance to prove it to you.


    JEFAR is committed in the protection of the environment.
    In our activity we do all the efforts to go further than strictly complying with the legal requirements in force in the European Union. 

      The review and analysis of our processes is continuous and frequently updated to allow us to minimize the environmental impact of our activities.

      Producing energy for self-consumption, in addition to a rigorous selection of our partners, has recently enabled us to ensure that at least 80% of the energy we use comes from renewable sources.


      • The environment is progressively deteriorating due to human activity and excessive exploitation of non-renewable resources.
      • In order to halt this deterioration, it is essential that citizens and companies adopt appropriate practices to defend and improve the environment.
      • JEFAR is engaged in the manufacture of footwear, which results in the production of hazardous and non-hazardous waste, the emission of gaseous effluents and the consumption of energy resources.
      • With JEFAR's firm values firmly in mind, based on ethics, demand and passion, and always striving for continuous improvement, it has made a commitment to do everything it can to help preserve the environment:
      •  Implementing and maintaining an Environmental Management System, establishing objectives and targets that contribute to promoting sustainable environmental improvements, based on the requirements of ISO Standard 14001;
      • To act, at the very least, in accordance with the legal provisions in force at any given time and to respect any environmental commitments it may make to third parties;
      • Prevent contamination by acquiring the necessary means of packaging waste in order to mitigate the impact of its activity on the environment;
      • Prevent soil and water pollution by establishing environmental management practices, such as separating waste from its origin until it is sent to entities legally authorized to receive it;
      •  Preventing air pollution by making public transport available to workers who live far from the company and by providing space for them to have lunch; This helps to reduce the number of vehicles in circulation;
      • Reduce energy consumption from non-renewable sources;
      • Encourage employees to act as citizens aware of climate change and the preservation of biodiversity..
      • While we want to continue to be an example of economic and social continuity and prosperity, we will do everything we can to reduce our environmental footprint. And let these values shine through in every pair of shoes we produce.
      • This is a challenging and therefore motivating exercise for a company that wants to play an active role in improving the natural and human environment for current and future generations.


      Head office

      JEFAR - Industria de Calçado, Lda
      Rua do Outeiro, 63
      4815-621 Regilde
      T: +351 253 580 100
      E: geral@jefar.pt

      Consumer Contact Phone Line: + 351 253 580 100
      (Cost of a call to a national phone number in Portugal


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